We, at Workhorse Texas, understand that getting the right window or door siding for your place will provide a perfect balance between durability, stylish looks, affordability and maintenance. We have various siding materials like composites, fiber cement, vinyl and even stone and cedar. The sidings are known to have multiple sizes, textures and colors to them, which deserve lower maintenance.

Get Vinyl Siding for Your Use:

Being one of the most popular material of all time, vinyl siding is now available in multiple sizes, starting from 3 inches to 7 inches. It comes handy in board or Dutch-lap, beveled and even in batten vertical style.

Cedar Siding is another Option

In terms of Windows Doors Siding, we have cedar siding for you as well. It is primarily procured from the western red cedar and is known to present greater structural stability. So, you get the chance to retail its proper shape and have the nail driven through them. This form of siding will allow multiple wooden stain applications as well.

Fiber Cement Siding for You

Fiber cement siding is always a strong mix of cement and wooden pulp and considered as the only type to combine the masonry performance with minimalistic upkeep. This kind of siding is mainly termite and fire proof and not quite affected by cold and wind. In terms of siding, this is the new addition we have seen so far. Our clients are also looking forward to this option because of its affordable rates without compromising the design and look of your house.

Additional Siding Accessories from Our Side

Apart from the best siding options, we have some accessories by our side too. These siding accessories will enhance and complete the design. These accessories are perfect to offer extra durability to any form of siding you plan to choose. There are decorative accents, which will help capturing the entire look of home. Right from the columns to shutters, we are here to provide the ultimate final touches to outside of home.

Give us a call now or visit our official website at workhorse-texas.com and we are set to cover the entire San Antonio, TX client base.